The Museum Annual Reports (M.A.Rs) are a fascinating record of the changing perspectives towards cultural heritage in the Maltese Islands. The full collection is being made available online in line with the Superintendent’s mission to improve accessibility to Malta’s cultural heritage.

The M.A.Rs are a record of the workings of the former Museums Department, from its establishment in 1903 until its dissolution in 2003, with the coming into force of the Cultural Heritage Act of 2002. The Museums Department was replaced by the setting up of national cultural entities, amongst which the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage itself, as the regulator of managing national museums, sites and conservation practices.

The M.A.Rs include reports on the main archaeological discoveries and investigations carried out during the preceding calendar year, as well as the acquisitions made as part of the National Collection. Also of interest are statistics relating to visitor numbers to the different Museums, that are included in the said as well.


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