In line with the Cultural Heritage Act, the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage monitors the restoration of built heritage by:

• Providing professional advice on restoration consistent with international standards and practices;

• Assesses and reviews Restoration and Works Method Statements during the consultation stages of the planning development application process; 

• Formulates and communicates to the Planning Authority the development permit conditions (including Bank Guarantees) to ensure that the built heritage is safeguarded during development;

• Monitors restoration works to ensure works are in line with the approved methodology and gives advice for required changes during works; and

• Ensures the documentation of  progress updates of restoration projects.

The Superintendence also responds to third party reports from the public, or the Malta Police Force or the police reporting damage (or threat of damage) to the cultural heritage, and in certain cases ensures that enforcement action is taken.

The General Parameters for the submission of a detailed and informed Restoration Method Statement can be found below. 

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