Import, Export or Movement of Cultural Heritage Items
The Superintendence of Cultural Heritage regulates the import, export, and movement of cultural items between Malta and EU members states, as well as from or to non-EU countries. These cases are frequently referred to the Superintendence by the Customs Department.

Export or Movement of Personal Goods (non-cultural items)
The Superintendence of Cultural Heritage reviews the export and movement of personal items from Malta, and reviews packing lists and Customs documents prior to their processing by the Customs Department. This process is applicable to consignments of personal items that do not include cultural heritage items, but that are subject to the Cultural Heritage Act 2019.

To ensure that the consignment of personal items does not contain cultural heritage items, the exporter is required to submit an electronic declaration form. A circular on reviewing and stamping of documents pertaining to the export of personal items can be found here. All applications are subject to vetting.

Permanent and Temporary Export (including within the EU) of Works of Art and Movable Cultural Property
As prescribed in Article 54 of the Cultural Heritage Act, no person may export or re-export a work of art or movable cultural heritage property from Malta without the written permission of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage. Any person seeking permission to export or re-export such items is advised to address such requests to the Superintendence through our e-portal. The request for permission is to be submitted at least two weeks in advance and is to include a completed Object ID form for every item proposed for export, whether being requested on a temporary or permanent basis. All requests are vetted and may be refused.

Certification of Imported Cultural Heritage Items
The Superintendence of Cultural Heritage is frequently requested to certify items imported from outside the European Union as being cultural heritage items, and to confirm the declared value of these items, for Customs purposes.

Any person who requires the services of the Superintendence for the certification of imported cultural heritage items is advised to communicate the request directly through our e-portal. The certification of such imported items will require the examination of such items at the point of entry, to ascertain their declared value. An Object ID form (Import) will need to be completed and submitted to the Superintendence. The examination of cultural heritage items is carried out in keeping with relevant legislation and is thus subject to a 5% Examination Fee (ad valorem).

New SOP Regarding Temporary Importation of Cultural Heritage Items

The Superintendence of Cultural Heritage has issued a new SOP pertaining to the temporary import and movement of cultural items (Article 54[8] of the Cultural Heritage Act), by persons who take up residence or currently reside in Malta. By way of this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), the  Superintendence of Cultural Heritage may issue a certificate guaranteeing that the Maltese Government renounces the right of preference and the right to prohibit the exportation or movement outside Malta of such cultural items.

Certification may only be issued if it has been determined prior to their import that the cultural items are not of national importance to Malta. Certification will be issued for a period of ten years from the date of certification, renewable for further periods.

The new SOP may be accessed here.

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